Kat Cole

(United States)


Boundary Lines Shadow, Necklace, Steel and Enamel

“I draw on architecture and the built environment to construct monumental forms for the natural landscape of the body”.

Emil Gustafsson

(Sweden / Norway)
“Crowd Control (Smoke Grenade)”, steel, PLA, Sucrose, Saltpeter, Titanium

“My work concerns jewellery as a social and aesthetic phenomenon. I create jewellery pieces as the distillate of an idea and as a conveyor of social interactions”.

Laura Johnson

(United Kingdom)
Graffiti Ring, Sterling Silver, Spray-paint

“Exploring ideas around mindfulness I look for the hidden details in my immediate environment, seeing treasure in thrown away objects and vibrancy of colour in Manchester’s streets”.

Anne Léger

(France / Norway)
from the serie “Back to Dark”, Necklace, Wood, Silver, Copper, Enamel, Steel, Coral, Obsidian

“Our Pleasure at the dimensionality of art, lies uncomfortably close to our fascination with the invisible, with the unseen, the unthought, with unknown places, spaces and fears indistinguishable from desires”.

Karen Lester

(United Kingdom)
Perfect Strangers_Biptico_Karen Lester.jpg
Fragility, Series II, Brooch, Bone China, Glaze, Paint, silver

“My work combines textile and ceramic casting techniques, to produce unique individual wearable sculptures”.

Daniel Michel

Perfect Strangers_Biptico_Daniel Michel.jpg
Danke, Bucherer!, Ring, Polyamide, Copper, Gold

“My conceptual works are about digitalisation and transformation, what means deformation, copying, abstraction, decontextualisation of stereotypes, known forms and objects to give them a new meaning, value and aesthetics”.

Tamar Navama

(Israel / United States)
Stingray Bracelet, Silver, Copper

“Memory of material, on the body, in your hand, through your eyes. My jewellery manipulate, reproduce, and highlight natural materials through traditional and technologically driven processes.”

Runa Vethal Stølen

Yokai, Necklace, Gold-Plated Steelwire___Photo (Left): Kai Hovden

“I explore the border between chaos and order”.

Xenia Walschikow

(Germany / United Kingdom)
Curved/Formed Brush Stroke, Neck Piece, Acrylic Paint, Gold Plated Silver Fittings

“‘Wearable Paint’. The aim of my work is to extract details from paintings and decorative art and transform them into wearable contemporary art jewellery. In the history of decorative art, painting objects was often deemed as a female craft and peasant art. My work intends not only to preserve the beauty of the paintings, but also to re-establish my connection to the country of my birth. In my exploration of Russin art and craft, I discovered a variety of painting techniques. The decorative detail of the brush stroke became the focus of my work. I want to embrace the detail and transform the paint into wearable acrylic brusth stroke jewellery”.

Laura Alvarado & Vivian Meller

(Colombia / Germany) (Germany)

Portrait me: Punk, Brooch, 3D-Print Ceramic, Zinc, Paint, Steel___Photo: Christian Rolfes

“We are inspired by imperfection, spontaneity and coincidence and aim to break new ground by experimenting systematically with the functional and dysfunctional use of software and hardware tools. Our work explores the relation between the body and traditional jewellery with a personal, intimate and individual character; we seek for objects where past and present meet – antique pieces from the future!”